Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank You 2012 Brides!

A big THANK YOU to all of my 2012 Brides!  I have enjoyed fitting every single one of you and perfecting your gown from the major transformations down to minute details.  I hope your gown was everything you dreamed it to be on your wedding day.

My girls and I reap so much joy in having the God-given talent to serve your alteration needs.  We feel honored to have played a small part in making your special day perfect and hope you allow us to serve all your family's alterations needs for many years to come.

Thanks again and may God bless you as he has me.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

WARNING on Internet Knock-Offs!

In the past month, two formal dresses and two wedding gowns that were purchased online have been brought in for alterations.  These particular garments were all "knock-offs" of a designer style sold at a much cheaper price than the original. 

There are three consistencies in all four garments:
  1. The fabrics are cheap
  2. The styling and fit is poor
  3. The construction is pathetic
Because of this, I am seriously considering to no longer accept "internet knock-offs" for alterations.  

All four clients expressed disappointment when receiving what they thought was a great dress at an even better price.  One of the wedding gowns was shipped in a padded envelope through the postal service!  All four clients were again disappointed when the estimate on alterations and remaking brought the total amount invested very close to the price of the actual original.

In one instance, alterations were twice the amount of the knock-off price.  The altered dress was still too short because of no hem allowance, and still not the silk jersey knit she thought she was buying.

I want my clients happy with the outcome of their alterations-not wishing they had bought something else.  Everyone ends up disappointed!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Impressions

First impressions are visual.  What do you as a professional portray to your client? 

As many industries continue to accept a slacking dress code, questions of confidence in the professionalism of its' associates perceived by future clients arise.  Banks, insurance offices, doctor's offices, accountants, and even attorneys have "casual days".  Unfortunately, even the "casual day" several years ago has declined to a present condition of wrinkled polos and worn out khakis.  By simply dressing down, we appear to be less of the professional we've worked so hard to become. 

Make this a window of opportunity to set yourself apart from others.  Dress for success while others continue to misrepresent themselves with poorly fitted, unassuming wardrobes.  Make a great first impression, while feeling better about yourself with garments that sell you as the professional that you are.

The Etcetera collection allows you to do just that.  Make your appointment to see and touch the beautiful Fall collection in my showroom August 16th through September 10th.  We will work together in finding the best colors and designs that best fit your lifestyle.

Belinda Doty, Etcetera Sales Consultant
The Needle's Eye

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Prom Dress Alterations

Please have your prom dress alterations in to the shop 3 weeks prior to the event date to avoid a rush fee.

Monday, March 12, 2012

ETCetera Spring/Summer Trunk Show!

2012 Spring and Summer Collection
Monday, March 26 thru Tuesday, April 10

Bring the family!
All separates in sizes 0 to 16
Visit our website at:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quality in Alterations

I have been asked to re-work the sleeves on this jacket, previously altered at another local alteration shop.

Whether it's a pant hem or your bridal gown alteration, consider the alteration as part of your investment into that garment.  Do not compromise quality for cost of the alteration.  Bad alterations are more costly because either the job is redone by a professional (focused on alterations performed correctly) and you're paying twice for one alteration; or it isn't worn because of the obviously poor work you paid for.

I have re-worked countless alterations completed at a sub-standard level by someone else, often costing more than if I had originally altered it because of "cleaning up someone else's mess".  I have also turned down alterations because the client requested a compromise in quality for a better price.

Just recently, a Bride brought to me her wedding gown that had been altered by the bridal shop tailor.  She questioned the fit to both the store owner and her tailor and they tried to convince her it "looked good".  I would've been embarrassed to allow my bride to walk down the aisle in her poorly fitted "altered" gown.  The cost to re-alter and re-fit properly compelled her to purchase a new gown.  It was the right decision for her perfect day.

When finding a tailor, ask to see their alteration work.  We all have a rack full of finished alterations ready for pick up.  Those of us that care about quality are happy to show you what we've done.