Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Impressions

First impressions are visual.  What do you as a professional portray to your client? 

As many industries continue to accept a slacking dress code, questions of confidence in the professionalism of its' associates perceived by future clients arise.  Banks, insurance offices, doctor's offices, accountants, and even attorneys have "casual days".  Unfortunately, even the "casual day" several years ago has declined to a present condition of wrinkled polos and worn out khakis.  By simply dressing down, we appear to be less of the professional we've worked so hard to become. 

Make this a window of opportunity to set yourself apart from others.  Dress for success while others continue to misrepresent themselves with poorly fitted, unassuming wardrobes.  Make a great first impression, while feeling better about yourself with garments that sell you as the professional that you are.

The Etcetera collection allows you to do just that.  Make your appointment to see and touch the beautiful Fall collection in my showroom August 16th through September 10th.  We will work together in finding the best colors and designs that best fit your lifestyle.

Belinda Doty, Etcetera Sales Consultant
The Needle's Eye