Thursday, August 30, 2012

WARNING on Internet Knock-Offs!

In the past month, two formal dresses and two wedding gowns that were purchased online have been brought in for alterations.  These particular garments were all "knock-offs" of a designer style sold at a much cheaper price than the original. 

There are three consistencies in all four garments:
  1. The fabrics are cheap
  2. The styling and fit is poor
  3. The construction is pathetic
Because of this, I am seriously considering to no longer accept "internet knock-offs" for alterations.  

All four clients expressed disappointment when receiving what they thought was a great dress at an even better price.  One of the wedding gowns was shipped in a padded envelope through the postal service!  All four clients were again disappointed when the estimate on alterations and remaking brought the total amount invested very close to the price of the actual original.

In one instance, alterations were twice the amount of the knock-off price.  The altered dress was still too short because of no hem allowance, and still not the silk jersey knit she thought she was buying.

I want my clients happy with the outcome of their alterations-not wishing they had bought something else.  Everyone ends up disappointed!