Saturday, January 9, 2016


2015 brought lots of new male clients!  A resurgence of young professional males focusing on fit and style is a welcomed change.  Men have needed to "step up their game" for a long time.  Slouchy pants, oversized shirts, and Dad's ill-fitted jacket need to be permanently put to rest!

I'm pleasantly surprised and find it encouraging when male clients get excited over a nice fabric.  A great look develops a great attitude, more confidence, and respect.  Why settle for anything less?

Grooms and groomsmen need suits tailored-just as bridesmaids need gowns fitted.  Many times I have seen wedding pictures with bridesmaids looking great, while the groomsmen could use some help.  Pants are long and breaking badly on the shoe, and jackets are too big with sleeves too long.  This combo doesn't make for the best memory album.

A big trend now is buying a suit vs. renting a tuxedo and this has aided in the decline of well fitted groomsmen.  The suits are usually inexpensive and not the best fit and many young men simply don't know how a suit should fit.  The bride and groom play a big part in making sure their wedding party has been fitted correctly.

In summary, I love to see the male client excited about properly fitted clothing.  And yes ladies, some men want to stare at themself in the mirror and not take it off-just like we do!